Travel Planning Service

We all love to travel, but planning our trip can be overwhelming and time consuming. Let us help! We will research the best hotels, activities, tours, method of transportation, restaurants that fits your budget, as well as any local tips; all for a low price of $69 (for a trip of a week or less) and $119 ( a two week trip). We will always look for the best possible deals (potentially saving you money) for hotels, activities, etc.. Once we have come up with our suggestions we will email you an itinerary, then all you have to do is book. Saving you time and money!


If your looking to book an award flight we will be glad to give you some tips, helping you maximize your redemption and possibly save thousands of miles!

How it works:


1. Send us your trip

We will just need some basic info on your upcoming trip such as:

  • Destination
  • Length of stay
  • Hotel budget & available points
  • How much per meal on avg are you looking to spend
  • Activities you are interested in

2.we research  

Once we have the details we need on your upcoming trip we will do all the research required such as:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Tours
  • Transportation
  • Local Tips
  • Award Flights

3. we send you our recommendations

Once we have researched the best options for your trip, we will send our findings to you. We will make sure to send only highly rated hotels, restaurants, and activities customized to fit your budget, interests, and specific preferences. All you then have to do is make the bookings, saving you all the researching time and work.

* We will send you 2-3 options for hotels. Number of restaurants, and activities will depend on duration of trip.